Gay Baby Onesie


Size: 12 month

Material: 100% cotton

Writing below “Gay Baby”: Stop assuming everyone is cishet, pass the milk!

No refunds or exchanges. For any questions or issues with your order, please email [email protected]


ALL babies are overwhelmingly against genocide, homophobia and heteronormativity so this pride season, we are uniting across the globe in a show of solidarity–one homophobe don’t stop no show…or one million…saying mean things because they have been fed white supremacist dogma as part of a centuries long campaign to colonize and brainwash the masses so they’ll do the bidding of a powerful few and ultimately lead miserable, unfulfilled lives where they don’t feel secure, valued and self expressed enough to be themselves, opting instead to hide out in a drag performance of “normative” homogenous gender and sexuality cus they never got a chance to have a personality/personhood beyond their rejection of others cus they don’t want to be outed by Empire as the weak ass loser ass squares that they truly are.

A portion of all proceeds will go to the Celebration of Black Transwomen Cookout which provides refuge, community and mutual aid for  Black trans women in NYC and beyond; Within Our Lifetime, a Palestinian-led community organization in NYC building the movement for a Free Palestine, Friends of the Congo, a movement building org raising critical awareness around the ongoing genocide in the DRC and HomeTax Sudan, an organization providing mutual aid and direct impact contributions for folks enduring genocide in Sudan.

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Weight 2.5 kg


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